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The trial party of a new technological mix for the improved matte processing of a glass both increase petroleum and gas of feedback of layers has acted.
March 2009

New technological mix neutral fluoride (NH4F) and sour fluoride (NH4F-HF) with the contents ammonium fluoride (NH4F) 68,70 % and with the contents ammonium bifluoride (NH4F*HF) 28,70 %. The product represents to thaw colourless crystals soluble in water. Packing bags on 25 kg.

А. Increase petroleum and gas of feedback of layers has acted with a new technological mix

According to the technological rules of acid processing used for increase of natural permeability of a productive layer and of a chink zone, the given technological mix can successfully replace hydrofluoride acid, as more convenient at transportation and storage, less safe in job and more effective. The positive effect of increase petroleum and gas of feedback of layers has acted thus occurs at the expense of increase of permeability petroleum layer, increase of depth of processing of a layer and dissolution of a part of a mineral porous of space deep of a collector. Using a technological mix in structure ammonium bifluoride (The patent Russian Federation № 1469946) mix ammonium bifluoride with ammonium fluoride (The patent Russian Federation № 2101482, 2242604, 2242605, 2243369, 2244816) occurs slow dissolution of quartz breed hydrofluoride acid, which is allocated from ammonium bifluoride, at interaction it(him) with water. Fluoride hydrogen is allocated gradually, the process of interaction it with breed is slowed down and thus he will penetrate on the large depth of a layer. The presence in a solution of ions ammonium (ammonium bifluoride and ammonium fluoride) or ions potassium (hydrogen fluoride and potassium fluoride) promotes decrease absorb waters of clay. The fact of increase of permeability of breed of a layer is confirmed to force of structure with use ammonium bifluoride - fluoride with ammonium bifluoride or with ammonium fluoride through cerns a sample of breed Koshilkyi of a deposit (Western Siberia), chink №1018, with the contents of clay 10 mas. %. In more detail technology of use of such mix is submitted in author's job to the address:

Б. Dry technological mix neutral fluoride and sour fluoride for preparation of structure under the patent of the invention fast and qualitative matte of a glass.

The technological mix, offered us, is close on structure to the unique formula of the invention and can be successfully used for preparation of a solution of required concentration and structure of the components, described in the invention.

Essence of a method: matte spend in a mix containing ammonium fluoride and hydrofluoric acid, at a parity of components, about. of %: ammonium fluoride 62,5-63,5; hydrofluoric acid 37,5-36,5. Use of the new invention chemical matte of a glass increases productivity of process (till 225 products / hours) with preservation of quality matte.

You can familiarize with details of use of this invention and new technology in author's job to the address: http://www.ntpo.com/patents_glass/glass/glass_137.shtml

Parameters of quality of a technological mix:

(technological mix)



Share of ammonium fluoride (NH4F), % 68,70
Share of ammonium bifluoride (NH4F*HF), %
Share of impurity, no more than, %
Rest after burning
Ammonium fluorosilicate (NH4)2SiF6  0,2


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